In March 2011 David was born. Forty-eight hours after birth David became seriously ill.  David died aged only 15 days from Alveolar Capillary Dysplasia (ACD).

The David Ashwell Foundation supports research into ACD, which is a very rare disease affecting the lungs of newborn babies. Babies with ACD may appear normal at birth but within minutes or hours they develop severe breathing difficulties. There is no treatment for ACD and as it is so rare, there has been little medical research into this devastating and usually fatal illness.

Since March 2011, The David Ashwell Foundation has raised over £250,000.  The charity has funded eleven research grants to date and will fund further studies in 2023, providing answers to families who have lost babies and aiming to prevent the loss of babies from ACD in the future.

We are asking local businesses to support us for an event in Nov 2022 by providing prizes for a Ball where The David Ashwell Foundation is the chosen charity.

For more information please contact Amelia (David’s mum): 07855473686

Thank you for supporting The David Ashwell Foundation.

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