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MAK Coaching


MAK Coaching offer spiritual life coaching utilising their unique MTHS awakening healing system.

I met with their well travelled owner, Mark Karlsson to hear all about it.


Spiritual life coaching

Coaching is all about looking within, building confidence and finding the motivation to realise your dreams. Spiritual life coaching looks at forces both internally and externally to help you get there. The aim is to align your inner resources to allow you to reach your goals.

Spiritual life coaches, are experienced with helping people find their sense of peace, love, and purpose, as well as wholeness and appreciation for all that is.


Mark explains.


Creating energy

“Perception is reality. Here at MAK Coaching, we focus on teaching people how to discover themselves from within. Eventually their perception is founded from a place of love and wisdom as opposed to fear and doubt. If we regularly feel great inside, then life has no other option than to reflect back to us that feeling of greatness. The work, therefore, is to learn how we can deal with what life throws at us and still remain in a place that feels good regardless of what shows up in our outer world.”


Originally from Great Ayton, Mark attended Stokesley School and then completed an apprenticeship at ICI. So what brought him to spiritual life coaching?


Milestone moments

“I worked as an instrument tech for ICI on the oil rigs until I was 25 but hated the work. In 1989 I decided to take a 6 month break and visit Australia. That six month break ended up being 34 years!  Although I loved my time in Australia, unfortunately I found it far too easy to over indulge and I created some really bad habits. At the time, Hong Kong was still governed by the UK so it was easy to transfer and work there.  Hong Kong has a very big healing community and it was there that I worked on my issues and identified the behaviours causing my addictions. Through that community, I was able to heal and develop personally. Shortly after that, I moved to Bangkok where I lived for 24 years. Essentially, my own healing journey was the catalyst for the MTHS awakening healing system.”


Introducing a path of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.


MTHS – The Awakening Healing System

“MTHS – The Awakening Healing System (MTHS-TAHS) is designed to guide people to heal their insecurities, find balance and peace.  By stepping into our own power we can more easily discover and then manifest the life we want. For the first 7 years of our life we blindly follow our respective tribe. This is important because if ostracised from our tribe; we cannot survive. Essentially we are brainwashed into believing that life is the way our tribe deems it to be. However, to find our bliss in later life we must discover ourselves away from the brainwashed mind. This is one of the ways in which MTHS-TAHS serves us.
With regular use, MTHS-TAHS transforms sabotaging patterns within a person’s subconscious. Then things that used to be troublesome get better. The entire system is user friendly, non-confrontational and requires only 30 minutes of a deeply relaxing healing process each day. This is completely mapped out for us.
Over time MTHS-TAHS finds those disharmonious energies and brings them to balance. Sometimes we become conscious of the healings that happen. Other times things have improved without us realising. Once we start to infuse our system with a higher, more loving vibration regularly, (which is what MTHS-TAHS does), everything in our life, has no other option than to get better.”


So how does it work?


Creating opportunity from challenges

“I lived in Asia and travelled extensively in the region and as far away as Dubai. Therefore most of our clients are based in Asia and the Middle East. During lockdown I had to rethink. Like many businesses did, out of necessity sessions were moved online. As the success rate grew, a series of webinars were developed to run alongside the live meditation sessions and educational talks. This combination works really well and has allowed me to help more people with a more cost effective offer. With support from a team of freelancers, we’ve used this approach for the last 2.5 years and it’s working really well.”


Infused with love

“MTHS-TAHS has 5 levels, all webinar based. The first level covers an understanding what healing is and what the chakras are. It attunes us to the new higher vibrational energy. Once attuned, you can use it forever. It’s a very relaxing process. There is a 63 day healing process after the first stage during which we connect at regular intervals. Some people complete the first level and that’s all they need. On average about 70% of people go onto complete all 5 levels. It’s totally dependant on the individual and their needs.”


Who would be most helped?


Finding purpose

“We work with anyone who is interested in healing and personal development. Clients tend to be aged 35 but we cater for all people if the interest is there. If you find yourself wanting to be more powerful, independent and/or want to discover your purpose then we can help. This is a spiritual path and has no religious connotations whatsoever, all beliefs are welcome.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin once famously said;

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

And that saying really resonates with me.”


So what brought Mark back to the North East?


Hong Kong, Dubai, Thailand, Stokesley

“Over the past 10 years since my Dad passed, I’ve returned to the UK twice a year to visit my Mum. At 84 years old, she now needs more support so it was time to move back permanently. Initially working from home, it wasn’t long before I needed a suitable office space to be able to create webinar content. Knowing the area from before, I dug out a number and with just one call my new office was sorted, it was that easy!”


Are you looking to make a transformation? Mark offers virtual private coaching sessions as well as offering the 5 levels of MTHS – The Awakening Healing System.

A series of free meditation sessions and an intro to the healing process are hosted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and are promoted on Mark’s Instagram channel and Facebook page 
Or you can head on over to the MTHS website or the coaching website for more information.


MAK Consulting can be found at office 12, Roseberry Court, Ellerbeck Way Stokesley TS9 5QT Opposite Catch Design Management

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