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NY Studio 


NY Studio is a fully equipped Pilates studio providing specialist Pilates classes and individual/duet sessions, tailored to clients individual needs.


What is pilates?

Pilates is a type of mind-body exercise developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. This system of exercises were intended to strengthen the human mind and body as Pilates believed that mental and physical health were interrelated. 


Having first met in Jan 2020, I dropped in to see Kara in the studio this week to re-educate myself.


Fearless movement

“Pilates is all about creating fearless movement. We aim to deliver safe, flowing pilates classes that offer lasting results: strength, flexibility and confidence. Different to a generic fitness class, Pilates is very targeted to the individual. You are really thinking about the movement the exercise requires and understanding how to make that happen in your body. Clients can all be using the same machines, doing the same exercise, but they will each set their own tension levels. This means that they each work on a full range of movement under the load that they can tolerate.”


Kara is a welcoming, bubbly individual who clearly knows her stuff. But what interested me most was her journey to the studio (and no, I don’t mean the drive into Stokesley!).


Learning from experience

“I used to be a gymnast but I had to give it up due to reoccurring injuries. I suffer with hyper-mobility which for some people can cause pain, fatigue, and injuries to joints and ligaments. Working as a school teacher wasn’t making me happy and I missed being super-fit. A physio friend of mine suggested that Pilates might help. I did my research, found a very reputable teacher training provider in London and completed my training. With a little help from my Dad, I wrote my 10 year business plan and went for it.”


Attractive terms

“At first, classes were held in local village halls. As our client base grew, so did the need for a studio. The Terry Dicken Business Park was the obvious choice as the easy in- easy out terms were attractive to a young business like mine. Getting your first premises can be really daunting, but the team here are so approachable. If something needs doing it gets done quickly and that hasn’t changed in the 6 years I’ve been here.”


Kara strives for a quirky, fun, passionately positive learning environment. So how did that translate during lockdown?



“I became a master of Zoom during lockdown! Initially we held mat based classes for our regular customers online. Then with more interest from new clients, we produced a series of recorded classes and tutorial videos for beginners.

An ongoing health condition meant I was on the clinically vulnerable list. Living alone at that time meant long periods of isolation. So as well as being valuable to my clients, the Zoom classes were also essential for my own well-being.”


Back to the studio

“The online classes are still really popular so we have kept them going. We’ve also invested in more equipment to coincide with the reopening of the studio.”

Let’s talk about the equipment for a minute. The ‘Reformer’ is now a superstar in it’s own right largely thanks to celebrities like Adele who credited much of her 100lb weight loss to the machine. But wait, there’s more…

“Alongside the reformer we also have the Cadillac, Ladder Barrel and Chair equipment, so we can cater for all types of client. Clients with conditions like MS and Parkinson’s can see improvement in their balance. There are classes specially for ladies who are pre and post natal and we also specialise in pain management.”


Pain management

“Science tells us that for good, long term pain management we need to make our bodies strong. When our body is strong, we are more independent, self sufficient and our blood glucose levels are managed better. Pilates is a fantastic way to build this strength. Pilates can be especially good for people recovering from injury or surgery and we offer help with pre and rehabilitation.


That leads me nicely onto a service that’s new for 2022.


Deep tissue massage

“Anyone who has been the recipient of a good massage knows how great they can be for relieving pain, albeit temporarily. To enhance a clients’ body wellbeing programme, we’ve introduced deep tissue massage. Anyone with a prescribed cold injury can come along and receive a deep tissue massage tailored to a prescriptive exercise programme. This is the ultimate in managing long term pain.”


Strong, powerful women

When Taylor Swift picked up her women of the decade award in 2019 she said “What didn’t kill us made us stronger.”  So, If you’re ready to get strong and be more Taylor (or Kelly), get booked onto a class now.

Booking is essential and pilates classes are filling up fast so visit the website now to ensure you get a spot. 

NY Studio can be found at Unit 21, Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Station Rd, Stokesley, TS9 7AE Visit www.nystudio.co.uk or drop them an email at pilates@nystudio.co.uk

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