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Ripping Yarns


Ripping Yarns run different knitting and crafting workshops and sell a curated selection of beautiful yarns, patterns and accessories for you to create your own hand knitted and crocheted items.


We first met Angela in Jan 2020 when Ripping Yarns arrived at the Terry Dicken Business Park.

Let’s find out what’s new!


How it started

“I’d moved back to Saltburn and found few work opportunities for a women of my experience. So I decided to open up a knitting shop! Initially based in Saltburn, with a five year plan, things went really well. Soon enough I needed new premises, and made the move to the Terry Dicken Business Park. As we were completely unknown locally it took a while to build up a local customer base but we did it.”


Temporary job change

“Like many businesses we had to close during the lockdown. So we introduced a click and collect service. Customers could order over the phone or online and then collect from outside the shop. We also did masses of home deliveries. I literally became a white van man. I’ll honestly never complain about delivery drivers again! It was difficult but we were helping to keeping people busy and occupied during those tough times so we had a great incentive to keep going.”


How it’s going

“We sell a wide range of yarns. Stocking brands such as Rowan, West Yorkshire Spinners Stylecraft, King Cole and much more. We also have lots of kits which make really great presents. The shop is doing well and our knitting and crafting workshops have really taken off. We run 1-2 each week and often are fully booked. We love it here because it’s jam packed full of colour. It’s a lovely, relaxed environment where our groups can come and chat, drink tea, eat biscuits and build their skills.”


Everybody welcome

“All of the knitting and crafting workshops are one day in duration but many people come back to do more and progress their skills. While we attract all age groups, we mainly see women attending. However, we do have some male customers and everyone is welcome here.”


Speaking of women, it’s fair to say that Ripping Yarns has an all-female dream team. It’s us who run the world after all – just ask Beyonce ??


Girl power

“Our shop team consists of myself and my granddaughter Olivia who’s an expert in yarns and also runs our website. You’ll find Kay running our crochet workshops and Sue running our knitting workshops. The more crafty workshops such as sea glass jewellery making are delivered by Fiona. We’ve also recently introduced the slow stitching workshops which Sarah runs.”


Something for the kids

“As we mainly cater for adults, we’re really excited to launch a new workshop, held during the Easter holidays. Our ‘Child and Adult – Learn to Knit’ workshop is suitable for year 5 – 6 children who must be accompanied by an adult. So if you’ve some keen crafters out there this could be a great one for them. Also, we’re planning to host more outdoor events in the summer. Last years’ crochet days and outdoor sale were really popular so look out for those making a return.”


Ripping Yarns is celebrating its 10th year in business (5 years on from Angela’s initial plan). There’s no sign of her stopping anytime soon either ? So after two and a half years on the Terry Dicken Business Park, would Angela recommend it?


A glowing recommendation

“I’d absolutely recommend the Terry Dicken Business Park. Mark and Sue are really accommodating and nothing is too much trouble. There’s a lovely atmosphere here and the parking is abundant.”


So if you’re looking to learn a new crafty skill or need to stock up on the best yarns in town, Ripping Yarns can be found at Unit2/2A Station Road, Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Stokesley, TS9 7AE Right near Terry Dicken Home Improvements, Hunters Raw and Stoney Creek.

Or visit their website

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