Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Rebarts Bespoke Creations


Rebarts Bespoke Creations offer a range of unique industrial style indoor and outdoor furniture and decorations using rebar steel and other materials.


Not having a clue what rebar was, I was keen to hear all about it from Sarah!


For the love of metal

“As the name suggests we make art from rebar. Using a wide range of materials such as metals, woods, granite and stones we make things like indoor and outdoor furniture and decorations. We love a challenge and endeavour to make anything a customer wants. We also take on welding jobs. Anything except structural or vehicle welding.
No job is too big or small. The smallest thing we’ve made is table centre pieces for weddings and the biggest thing so far is a 20ft, 3D Christmas tree! Which was made as part of a winter wonderland that we created.”


‘Aint no stopping us now

“It all started when Dad went to a Christmas exhibition in Harrogate a few years ago and saw someone selling Christmas trees for what he felt was an extortionate price. He couldn’t see the value in what was being sold. Ever the entrepreneur, he decided to create a 3D Christmas tree using rebar and jubilee clips. My partner Cal has a background in welding and Dad picked his brains on the art of the possible. Once their heads got together there was no stopping them and Rebarts was born.”


For all the Grafters

“We now have a team of 3. Dad is the brains of the operation, I run the office and Alfie is our apprentice welder, studying level 3 in advanced welding and fabrication. None of us are afraid of hard work and we love it when a customer comes in with an idea that we can run wild with. That’s when Cal is on hand to offer his expertise if we need it.”


Hey Hey, don’t throw it away

“Welding is our thing. We’ve helped customers fix up old benches that had such sentimental value. Recently, a customer brought in a 40 year old rake that he couldn’t bear to part with. So we just welded the handle back on. He didn’t want it to go to waste and we made him very happy in the process.

I’d encourage people to just come and chat to us about what they’re looking for. We’re currently making a monkey puzzle tree for a customer’s garden out of scaffolding poles, steel box sections and steel plates. So anything is possible!”


Your mother should know

“When the business started we were all working from home. Demand meant that we had to spread out from the inside to the garden too and Mum desperately wanted her space back! So we started looking for premises. We’ve known about TK’s Cafe since we were at school so the Terry Dicken Business Park was an obvious choice. Dad initially rented an office just before lockdown. But with Mum keen to get her garden back we found an ideal unit and we were in within a week.”


Neighbours doing good

“Being so close to TK’s is brilliant! You’ll find our unit in between Woodrose Shepherd Huts and Auto Bodycraft and we couldn’t have asked for better neighbours. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help out and we feel part of a little community. There’s no better place to have a unit. Mark is very attentive, nothing is too much trouble.”


Sparkle and shine

“As we started out making flat pack Christmas trees, we already have a lot of Christmas stock available to buy now. We have signs, trees, snowmen and baubles to name just a few, with or without lights. You’ll find items suitable for business premises and for every type of home whether you’re in a small flat or a mansion. Our handmade Christmas decorations range from £25 – £800 so there’s something for everyone.”


Want to see Rebarts work in all it’s sparkly glory? Why not pop along to Roseberry Court on Ellerbeck Way and enjoy the Christmas display. It’s right outside the building, you can’t miss it!

Or visit their Facebook page.

Rebarts can be found at Unit 7, Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Station Road, Stokesley, TS9 7AE

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