Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Intel Insight 

Intel insight deliver intelligent, insight driven employee engagement solutions. I met with owner, Danny to get the low down.


People have the power

After a decade leading in learning & development at Orange, Danny started traditional training provider, Intel Insight. After recognising that many businesses were undertaking training for the sake of it rather than to meet a need, he created his vision –  To provide businesses with a competitive edge, by leveraging their number one asset, their people.

“Intel insight delivers simple engagement surveys using a unique framework that provides critical data on the business and its people. Essentially it captures how people think and feel about their workplace. The resulting report allows us to focus on the areas that need improvement. Our vast experience in employee development means we’re in a unique position to deliver a wide range of training. The business is then able to make better decisions that ultimately affect their people and lead to increased morale, motivation and productivity.”


Everything has changed

Originally based in Middlesbrough, growing tired of the town centre parking nightmare, and needing more storage, they moved to the Terry Dicken Business Park. 

“We had enough of our previous premises and all of the restrictions the landlords placed on us so we found our perfect space here on the park. With the downstairs configured for storage and the top floor set up to deliver face to face training we were delighted and moved in. Three days later the country was placed in lockdown!”


With a little help from my friends

Like most businesses on the park, Danny and his team had to adapt, and fast.

“I’d always resisted remote training as I thought it would never work. But the lockdown gave us no choice but to look at an alternative. I’m very fortunate to have a good friend in film production who helped us to understand what could be possible. My Dad works around the world as a sound & visual engineer. So between the two they got us started and we now have a fully live broadcast studio. It’s an immersive, engaging environment and the results are just as good as face to face. I can’t believe I was so dismissive before as we’ll never go back now, we’ll always offer both.”


The comeback

We can all agree that this last year has been tough. I asked Danny what the common challenges facing his customers were.

“The first is definitely the challenge of communication. Employees can feel abandoned, some managers are trying too hard. The value of the coffee machine conversation that always happens in businesses is lost with remote working.

The second would be how hard people are working from home. Many people are not taking adequate breaks. As businesses find their new way of working these are the two big areas we can focus on. Effectively managing productivity so employees are productive and happy.

We can add so much value as we can bring corporate thinking and experience, we take that learning and pass it on. It’s ideal for growing organisations who have never had access to developing someone or just don’t yet have the resources. We can fill the gaps and help.”


Walking on sunshine

I asked Danny what he enjoyed the most about his work.

“I love seeing people be their best self. The world is full of mediocrity and negativity. So much doom & gloom and people being average. When we help people create a great environment for people to thrive and be their best self in, that’s the best part for me.”


Ain’t no mountain high enough

I couldn’t end the interview without asking Danny what attracted him to the business park.

“As soon as I met Mark & Sue I knew I wanted to be here. They are the kind of landlords that you want to have as they are happy to help your business. It’s such good value and they gift really nice bone china mugs! They’re completely at the service of us tenants, always on hand. I had a small issue, phoned Mark, no panic but Dave arrived within 4 minutes to help. Brilliant, you can’t fault them.”

Here he is again, Dave the unsung hero of the Terry Dicken Business Park, keeping everyone ticking along. Whether you find him down a drain, up a ladder, or on the roof there’s always a cheery hello!


If you’re a business leader looking to understand your people more, then Intel Insight can be found at Unit 14, Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Ellerbeck Way, Stokesley, TS9 5QT 

Or visit their website


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