Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Millennium Power 


Today is all about power. Millennium Power to be exact.

Millennium Power install, commission, maintain and repair low and high voltage switch gear and transformers. And no, I’m not talking about the über cool muscle cars that turn into evil fighting robot type of transformers. 

Think anywhere there is power. Hospitals, Data centres, banks, business parks, airports etc. Someone needs to be responsible for the efficiency and the safety of that power once it’s left the grid, reached the substation and powers your premises. That’s where Andrew Bell and his team of experienced electrical power engineers come in.

Andrew and his team of ten moved to the Terry Dicken Business Park in June, right in the middle of the lockdown. But don’t be alarmed, these guys are no stranger to danger, but we’ll get onto that later.


An industry full of lovely people

Andrew left school and became an apprentice installation fitter and he’s never looked back. 

“I love working in the power industry. You meet some really lovely people and we all get to know each other and are very likeminded”. 


Keeping a cool head 

Andrew’s experience has taken him to sites all around the world and working in Nigeria sticks out. “In some countries the health and safety practices are very basic and I’ve had to visit sites where people have had terrible accidents. My role is to investigate and make safe so you need to have a cool head, and get the job done” Thankfully that’s rare in the UK.


Friendly and approachable

Established in 2016, Millennium Power is made up of a group of friends who have worked in the industry for years who have come together to form the business. Very used to working together in previous companies, and being good friends, has created a family business vibe and makes the team very approachable.


We’re on our way to Wembley!

Well, almost. The vast experience of the team means they can work in many different industries. Along with banks, Hospital trusts & MOD sites, Millennium Power have worked at Wembley and Twickenham so are a great fit for sports arenas.


Easy access to important transport links

Initially home based, the growth of the business forced a need for premises and the Terry Dicken Business Park was an obvious choice.

“We have team members in Liverpool, Birmingham and the North East so we needed a location that was easy to get to. The park is in such a good spot with quick and easy access to the A19 so it was perfect. I also have a good friend based here and the flexibility offered by Mark meant that we could move both businesses into a large shared office and that makes it really cost effective. And who could resist Mark and his good looks (sic) anyway?!”

Millennium Power are expanding quickly and their future looks bright (sorry, I couldn’t resist). 

To find out more about their services you can find them at Office 3, Navigation House, 16 Ellerbeck Way, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley TS9 5JZ


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