Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday



Now this one certainly took me back….. Education! Sweating profusely, as I interviewed… in case I was asked any maths questions. Beth 101; Maths is NOT my strong suit. 


In a maze you get lost, in a labyrinth you find yourself… 


This week’s feature took me around the corner and down the stairs to Connect2Education, where I met with Julie to discuss the ins and outs of the labyrinth of her working world. 

I say ‘labyrinth’ because the diverse description of her day to day workload and the myriad of different teaching and learning activities that take place in any one day, is vast.   

Julie has been in teaching for 20 years, in both English and special education; she realised there were some children for whom the mainstream system didn’t cater for, particularly those children with neurodiverse educational needs. In 2013, she left full time teaching to retrain as a therapist in hypnotherapy. Following her training and five years into her therapeutic practice, she considered creating a hybrid of the two within a teaching environment.  


A quieter environment 


Julie studied how the right environment could support effective teaching and learning within mainstream and Home and Hospital environments; she looked at the impact of environmental factors on children with neurodiversity and heightened anxiety. It was clear that some students required a quieter environment away from the flux of larger buildings and lots of students.

With qualified teachers and support professionals forming her squad, Julie insists the best part of her role is “Working collegiately.  Everyone brings something different and we’re very much about sharing our skills and expertise. What might be right for one child might not be right for another, we have a diverse team, and can pair staff with children depending on their needs. Maxine is Head of Teaching and Learning, she oversees quality assurance protocols are adhered to and supports children with transition back in to school where required. 


 Love at first bite 


After talking with Mark and Sue and another tenant about the Terry Dicken Business Park, at one of their events, Julie quickly became attracted to a move to the park over food and drinks. From its lovely landlords and inclusive perks, it wasn’t too hard to finalise her decision. 


Warmth, support and safety 


“I love the camaraderie of the people, and the warmth of the other tenants. It feels like a supportive environment for the staff and students, the students feel very safe here. Oh and the toilets are clean! 

TK’s is a regular highlight of the week too, just knowing that it’s there is handy. Everything is just handy. I like to shop locally, so having other businesses around is good; even having conversations with other businesses is interesting – you can meet so many like- minded people. It’s lovely.”


Connect2Education can be found at Office 8, Unit 2 Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley TS9 5QT.


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