Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday


Are you living your Zestlife? No? Well you could be. Zestlife is a lifestyle business that specialise in vitamins and health supplements, for both people and pets, keeping you and your pets happy and healthy. Yes! That’s correct. I said pets. Because even Dexter swears by ‘a vitamin a day keeps the vet away!’.


Who said retirement was for golfing?


Sticking with the health theme, I’ve prepped for this write up by taking a leaf out of the Zestlife founders, Jeff and Maria’s book. I’ve done some morning exercises, had my coffee and headed to work. Good start to the day so thanks for the tip guys. Wonder if I could take another leaf out of your book and finish at 3? ?

Founded in March 2012 by the lovely Jeff and Maria Robertson, after retiring from their roles in engineering and banking, Zestlife brought a new found enjoyment to the pair after looking for something to do and nutrition being something they were both interested in.

With no prior knowledge of the industry, the idea of Zestlife came about after joining an entrepreneurs circle and meeting the MD of a health supplements manufacturer at the EXCEL exhibition hall in London. Sounds all very Dragons Den. But there will be no slaying here, only saving as; FUN FACT! That very venue later became the temporary Nightingale hospital for the COVID 19 Pandemic.




Now armed with a zest for supplements, Zestlife began operating online only using 3 platforms: www.zestlife.co.uk, Amazon, Ebay

The most important of the 3 being Amazon. And that’s not only because using Amazon allows them to venture off on holidays whilst still being able to fulfil orders. Now, I’m not saying I’m jealous at this ability. But a sudden sulk has overtaken my facial expression.

Amazons FBA operation was the catalyst for a spiral of successes for the business. Their stock is held at their warehouses, ready for these amazing products: an extensive range of vitamins and health care supplements and supplements for your pets: to be packed, shipped and delivered to your door. I call that living your best life, and I’m sure Dexter would agree. You’ll be able to tell when he gets even more excited at the knock of the postman.


A positive effect


With great products comes great reviews and Zestlife aren’t short of those. “It’s lovely when you get positive reviews and feedback from your customers, it’s such a lift. It’s amazing people take the time to send an email or review, and say what a positive effect your products have had on their pet or themselves” says Maria.


Great, great and great!


“We chose the business park because we live local and everything was great. The office size was great, the amenities were great, and even though we’re not here all the time, people can still connect with us. Mark and Sue have been very helpful, and Car parking isn’t a problem, which is good.”


To purchase their amazing products or find out more about them, Zestlife can be found with one click here

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