Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday



This week we delve into the behind the scenes of my favourite thing to do. Online shopping! Pausing my write up momentarily to click on those ad’s that follow me around after contemplating whether or not to pay that inconvenient £5.00 delivery after adding countless unnecessary items to my basket. Ahhh what the hell. I needed socks with my own face on anyways.

Is there anything they can’t do?


Noovo Creative are a full service e-commerce agency who build websites for businesses wanting to sell things online. Being full service means they offer the works! Building of sites, SEO, marketing, product and portrait photography. And for those of you who are not technically minded, Noovo make your shopping experience as enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing as possible on behalf of their clients.

Robert and Brian, Noovo’s directors, started working together 21 years ago, and they’ve never looked back. With an abundance of success stories, having worked with large clients all over the world and carrying out a lot of work for the Department of International Trade, their reputation precedes them. I’d call that very impressive.

No two days alike


“Every day is a new challenge. Every day is different, every product is different, every site is different, and the reward from solving different problems and seeing client successes from their websites is really rewarding. Even if I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d still do this because I enjoy it so much.”

Drop the name. And another, and another!


With one of their services being photography, this allows for an inside view into A-list events. From footballers, and film stars to Prime Ministers, they’ve seen it all. Literally. Can you say you’ve gone to the toilet with John Major? If that doesn’t tell you these guys are great at what they do, I don’t know what will.

The perfect site


Their move to the Terry Dicken Business Park came as a result of evolution. They needed more space for themselves and client visits as well as wanting to build a photography studio meaning they needed somewhere to adapt to their every need rather than make do with what they had at the time.

Location. Location. Location.


Though they’re a newer tenant, in the short space of time they’ve been here they’ve found Mark and Sue to be “very responsive and helpful, and they try to get businesses on the park working with each other. We’ve got important clients on the park since moving, so we’ve won work as a result of our location. We had no clients in Stokesley prior to our move”

Noovo can be found at 12 Roseberry Court, Stokesley, North Yorkshire, TS9 5QT

If you need help with an e-commerce site, or you just want to talk celebrity gossip, head to Noovo’s website now https://www.noovo-creative.co.uk/contact-us/

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