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Spirit of Captain Cook


Arrgghh you ready for this weeks read? Good! Because this week we endeavour into the world of gin and vodka. Thought that would grab your attention. Well, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

Set up in 2017, and launched in spring of 2018, named after and honouring our local historical figure, Captain James Cook, Spirit of Captain Cook, are a distillery based on the Terry Dicken Business Park. Primarily specialising in gins and vodkas made with local ingredients, as well as venturing into the world of hand sanitisers approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Using their knowledge of alcohol and chemistry, they’re aiding in the sanitiser demand during the COVID pandemic.


From sales to sails


John graduated in applied chemistry in Scotland, before joining ICI in 1971. He then went on to travel the world, becoming a European sales director and director of European sales academy, retiring in 2008.

After having a couple of years off, golf wasn’t enough to keep John busy, so he opened up brewery’s in the local area, and discovered that the Terry Dicken Business Park had an empty unit, so he decided to make gin with a group of friends. And with that… the Spirit of Captain Cook came to life.

Now, they sell their spirits to local pubs and restaurants, garden centres, and people on the business park, and their hand sanitisers are available to be delivered to those who purchase in the local area, with shipping available for larger orders, further afield.

“Knock, knock, it’s gin o’clock”


For John, making alcohol is more than just a hobby or career…

“I love being active and meeting people, visiting customers and delivering the products is what I love most about what we do, I like promoting the gins, doing demos whether it be the local shop or at a rotary club.”

“We will have been here for 10 years now.”


“We heard the Terry Dicken Business Park was very well run, and for us it was well situated as I live near by and the pubs that I was supplying were in the surrounding areas. Everything was provided. We will have been here for 10 years now.

There is a great buzz about the place and there’s always something happening. It really is just a general hub of activity and the facilities are excellent, if we need anything, Mark and Sue are there immediately”

So, if you’re looking for fine spirits, head to captaincookdistillery.co.uk to find out more

Spirit of Captain Cook can be found at Unit 9, Terry Dicken Business Park, Station Rd, Stokesley, Middlesbrough TS9 7AE


– Beth Halliday, editor at large

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