Erimus Stoves


Stop. Drop. And take a minute to learn all about your local stove and fireplace specialist;  Erimus Stoves. A family run business who specialise in installing: log burners, multi fuel stoves, electric fires, restoration, servicing and full chimney service and sweeps.

And no. I didn’t ask if they wore flat caps and knew Mary Poppins… I checked their Facebook page instead. They do not. ?

Fire. Works.


Pauls background in the industry, being fully qualified and having an interest in fitting fireplaces, ignited the spark to him firing up his own business opening a showroom on the Terry Dicken Business Park, displaying their range of products from old to modern, graphite to marble. Whatever your aesthetic, Erimus Stoves will work with you to ensure you’re delighted with your end result.

And with 99% of customers recommending them, you won’t be disappointed.


Best part of the job


“Meeting different customers, getting on with them and helping them out, putting ideas together and coming out with a finished product is the best part of the job! I love seeing the finished product, it’s very rewarding”


The perfect match


Paul chose the Terry Dicken Business Park as the home for his showroom because of its excellent location. Situated in Stokesley with surrounding villages and a busy energy to the place, coupled with the information from present tenants that “it was a very nice place and very well ran”, Paul knew it was the best place for him to set up shop.

“You can find everything you need on the Terry Dicken Business Park, for any part of your business. Whether you need tyres changing or an MOT, printers, or food, everyone works together and recommends each others business, everything is on your doorstep.”


Warm and welcoming


“Everyone was warm and welcoming when we first started, Mark and Sue introduced themselves, along with other businesses. They were all fantastic and offered help if we needed it. There’s amazing support from the locals too.”

If you require fireplace installations and want the best people for the job head to or call them on 07805443454


Beth Halliday, editor at large


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