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Dallas Keith


I met with Klare, office supervisor at Dallas Keith a few weeks back. My colleague thought I was going to see a folk singer when I told her I was popping over to Dallas Keith, no disrespect of course but it did make me chuckle.


Dallas Keith is situated through the gates of Rosedale Court. I like to call it the ‘physical graft courtyard’. This is obvious by the large machinery, tractors and the reversing beeping. I am sure you can picture it.


Dallas Keith are also a very special company to Terry Dicken Business Park as they were one of the first official tenants when they took their original spot on Station Road in approximately 1987 before moving to their present home on Rosedale Court in July 2000.


Now I am no expert in agricultural feed, but with the help of Klare, I introduce you to… Dallas Keith who has over 40 years experience producing high-quality feed supplements for both retail and wholesale.


Bernard Willett

“Dallas Keith was established in 1972 by Bernard Willett. He was one of the first companies to develop a comprehensive range of liquid feed supplements he also introduced standard range feed blocks to meet the needs of ruminant animals”.


Manufacturing on the Terry Dicken Business Park

“At our site in Stokesley, we manufacture a high-quality range of vitamin and mineral blocks, salt blocks and liquid feeds which are generally used for cattle, sheep and horses”.


I felt a need to ask at this point what is a horse lick block?


“A horse lick block is a tub of solid supplements that is placed on the ground for the horses to lick and it can help reduce boredom in stabled or grazing horses whilst at the same time providing vital vitamins and minerals that are commonly deficient in modern pastures and forage.”


Health & Welfare

“Vitamins and minerals play an essential role in the welfare and development of cattle, sheep and horses. Our products should be fed as a complementary addition to their diet. Essentially they promote growth, health and reproduction rates. Preventing possible vitamin deficiencies and debilitating conditions affecting livestock”.



Also in Oxfordshire

“Our sister company is based in Witney Oxford. Which is now managed by Bernard’s son Chris Willett. They manufacture a wide range of organic-based blocks as well.



Certified to the highest standards


“We are an accredited certified company with UFAS (The Universal Feed Assurance Scheme). UFAS is based on HACCP principles, a system originally pioneered by space agency NASA, but now forming the bedrock of EU Food and Feed legislation. We also hold BETA NOPS, an approved certification, with its aim to help reduce the risk of naturally occurring prohibited substances in equine feed, requiring us to manufacture our horse licks to a high standard ensuring we follow strictly outlined requirements”.



Far and wide

“We export our vitamin and mineral licks far and wide, with Sweden being one of our regular customers. Along with Italy, Japan, Israel, to list a few”.


Environment first

“With the issue of plastics being widely recognised as being a hazard in our oceans and packaging on a whole. We are doing our bit to address this issue for the environment. We can offer eco-friendly packaging upon request. Which is biodegradable and edible addressing unsightly plastic buckets left in fields and helping the environment”.



For a visit to the ‘physical graft courtyard’ Dallas Keith can be found at:

Units 11 & 12, Rosedale Court, Ellerbeck Way, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley, TS9 5GB


Sally Atkinson, Editor at large 

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