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Nationaal Gallery


Do you like pictures? Art? Framed memorabilia?

I got quite excited about this one as I was planning a trip to London #NationalGallery but I was soon assured the business is based in Stokesley and that there was no error in the spelling but the idea of ‘Nationaal Gallery’ came from business owner John’s mother.

Me and my boyfriend love art for our home but we always argue about it. I’ll say ‘do you like that’ and he’ll say ‘it’s ok’ then I get wound up and say something like ‘just ok, why?’.

Honestly, I think the word ok in a relationship is so misunderstood. Do you like my outfit? Looks ok. JUST OK? No, it looks great, fantastic, fabulous. NO, you said it was OK so now I am getting changed.


Honestly, here’s a bit of advice, just don’t bother with the word ‘ok’ because it causes more stress than it’s worth.

Moving on, I met the lovely Lynne and John at Nationaal Gallery one of our newest tenants here on the park in their classic gallery and workspace. I was greeted by their lovely dog Poppy who comes to work with them every day.
Nationaal Gallery is a bespoke framing service including photographs and prints through to medals, snooker cues, football shirts and guitars. They also have a range of artwork for sale.


30 years in business 

“We’ve been a family-run business for the past 30 years and it’s something that we’re really proud to be”.


Potential of Stokesley 

“We moved from Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough to the Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley as we saw the potential in the local area. The park has a ready made customer base right here, over 1000 people work here, as well as being convenient for the whole region and there was nothing similar. It was also a lot better for our customers for access and parking”.



“Thanks to our move to the business park, we have a much bigger footprint and this has given me the incentive to create an inviting gallery environment. The natural light and airy space is deserving of the art that we want to share and offer Stokesley residents a chance to own”.



“The commute to work is stunning and we both love driving this way on a morning. It’s a pleasure and stress-free journey”.


Local artists 

“We have lots of exciting plans in the pipeline but one thing we would really like to do this year is work with local artists to showcase their work and maybe hold local artist exhibitions”.



“Some of our challenges have been to frame dried spaghetti, toast and a spider and scorpion. I am always open to a new challenge and enjoy framing unusual items”.


Got something memorable stored in your attic? Bring it down to Nationaal Gallery to get it framed and get it worth showing off again. They can be found at:

Terry Dicken Business Park, Pulrose House, 14 Ellerbeck Way, Stokesley TS9 5JZ


Sally Atkinson, Editor at large 

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