Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Ripping Yarns 


Ripping Yarns, I wish I could knit. Can you Knit? Crochet? It looks beautiful but so complex and these needles look very risky with my clumsy hands.


Anyways, I met with Angela Morton of Ripping Yarns in her beautiful shop new on the Terry Dicken Business Park with rainbow colours of wool, complex-looking knit kits (that’s a mouthful), accessories, patterns and gifts! Another Aladdin’s cave here on the business park. I would recommend a visit.


Along with the shop, Angela holds a variety of different knitting and crafting workshops open to all. Some of these workshops are the following; Sea Glass Mosaic, Learn to Crochet and Vintage Knitting. The workshops are in a relaxed comforting environment with the help and expertise at hand ready to help you learn.


Saltburn to Stokesley

“We moved from Saltburn to Stokesley as we needed more space to offer our workshops and we wanted to introduce something new to Stokesley. The Terry Dicken Business Park had a great offering and our conservatory is beautiful and lets in so much natural light, perfect for our crafty sessions”.


Cater for all

“Our hub is a place for all crafty people to get together whether you have been knitting for years or a complete newbie there’s something for everyone. Our workshops are for complete beginners too so you can learn from scratch with a small, supportive team”.



People craft, for so many reasons. Some like to make items for others such as; baby knits for newborns, scarfs, blankets and cushions. But what we’ve seen recently is that a lot of people like to craft because it is a relaxing hobby which is stress-free and has so many mental health benefits such as practising mindfulness”.


Shopping online

“We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Our website is a curated selection of beautiful yarns, patterns and accessories to inspire you to create your hand-knitted and crocheted items. Everything on the site has been carefully selected. We also offer same-day shipping on all orders using Royal Mail standard delivery”.


West Yorkshire Spinners

“We stock some of the highest quality British yarns such as West Yorkshire Spinners which are one of very few UK brands to still develop and manufacture on-site which reduces the carbon footprint of their products. We also stock UK Alpaca. Which is made from British Alpaca fleeces”.



“I would say that the wool colours and patterns follow the fashion trends on the high- street. Especially as more bloggers and influencers are turning to knit and crochet”.



For all your knitting and crochet needs or to find out more about workshops Ripping Yarns can be found at:

Unit 2/2A on the Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Station Road Stokesley, TS9 7AE


Sally Atkinson, Editor at Large

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