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Your Voucher Book

Who loves a discount? If you don’t… I am not sure we can be friends.

I love getting money off things, it gives me a little buzz especially in the current climate where everything is just getting far too expensive these days. Want a quick tea for 2? Then you are looking at £30+, a Freddo? DON’T even get me started. And for all the Southern folk reading this, by tea I mean dinner 😉

In my day (speaking as if I am old) we would play outside for hours or with our toys inside, it seems a lot more complex now and there seems to be a pressure for parents to take the kids out every weekend.


So here’s your solution…

Your Voucher Book offers you a whole year worth of amazing deals throughout Tees Valley/ North Yorkshire perfect for families, couples, retired folk and anyone else interested in making the most of their money throughout the North East!
Not only does it save you money, it gives you ideas of places to go and activities to try out and doubles up as a directory of the local area. It’s also available in the original printed book version or the new App version for customers who prefer the vouchers on their phones.


Founded by Amanda Duckworth in 2012 Your Voucher Book is going from strength to strength and offers over 400 of buy one get one free vouchers or 50% discount vouchers for dining out, leisure activities, days out and hair and beauty across the Tees Valley.


Popular overseas

“The concept is popular in the US and Australia and therefore I decided to take the plunge here in the UK and in particular offer something new and innovative to the Tees Valley”.


Saving £0000’s

“The book or App version costs just £25 to buy and using just one voucher can save you the initial cost instantly. With hundreds of vouchers and over £4000 worth of savings to choose from, you are spoilt for choice. The best bit is it’s all local meaning you don’t have to spend a fortune on petrol driving to places. I think there’s something for everyone to suit all budgets”.



“The book or App is split into 3 sections these are; dining out, leisure/days out and hair/ beauty
all with a range of promotions. It works by simply taking the coupon out of the book and presenting to the venue or presenting the redemption screen from the App version and using it in accordance with the terms and conditions on the individual vouchers”.


No wasted time

“Being based on the Terry Dicken Business Park makes the commute to work so easy. There’s absolutely no traffic, which means I don’t waste a minute of the day stuck in traffic. I also like the easy access and flexibility”.


Year after year

“ Most people buy the book or App year after year because they really value the amount of money it saves and it makes finding places to eat/visit less hassle. Some of the Stokesley businesses offering discounts are; Alice Rowe Heart Holistic’s, The Mill, Il Mulino, Stokesley Fish & Chips, Stokesley Diner, West Green Deli, The Green Apple & Stokesley Golf”.


Fundraising opportunities


“If you are a local School, College or Charity you can fundraise from the sale of Your Voucher Book with no outlay whatsoever. For every book that you sell you keep a commission on the book helping you to raise funds for whatever is needed”.



If you would like to browse all the vouchers and purchase a book or App subscription and enjoy a year’s worth of discounts on things such as ice skating, meals, bowling and much more Your Voucher Book can be found at:




Office 3, 2 Roseberry Court, Ellerbeck Way, Stokesley, TS9 5QT


Sally Atkinson, Editor at large 

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