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Just for dogs

Dogs. Pooches. Puppies. Hounds. Do I have your attention now?


Why is it that whenever people see dogs, even strangers dogs, they get all talkative and friendly and say ‘aww’ a lot? But for us humans, we think ourselves lucky if someone says hi when they walk past.


This week I met with Becky, founder and owner of Just For Dogs based on the Terry Dicken Business Park in Stokesley. Currently growing with 4 employees, 2 units, land and a whole load of pooches.


Just for Dogs provide specialist professional Canine Hydrotherapy, dog grooming and doggy daycare. For all, you non-dog owners out there doggy daycare refers to short- term daytime care for dogs. It fills a niche between kennel boarding and pet sitting. Think of a coffee morning or nursery environment but for four legs instead of two!


I asked Becky about life on the Terry Dicken Business Park keep on reading to find out more!



Finding the right premises

“Finding the right premises was vital to the success of setting up the business. Mark and Sue were a great help in helping us find our ideal space”.



Chelsea dogs

“We don’t just get clients across North Yorkshire we get pooches that come for a groom from as far as Chelsea”.


Only doggy daycare in Hambleton

“I think we have been so successful because we are the only daycare in the Hambleton area and there’s a lot of dogs in Hambleton! Being based in Stokesley is great for all major traffic routes too which help us”.



Canine Hydrotherapy

“Our Hydrotherapy centre provides state of the art facilities with a heated pool.

Swimming in a Hydrotherapy Canine Pool helps dogs exercise in a safe, non-weight bearing and controlled environment. The gentle pressure from the water can relieve swelling of the joints, reducing pain and encouraging movement in a way exercising on land can’t replicate. It is therefore useful for dogs with elbow, stifle, carpal and tarsal injuries or arthritis”.



A Skip in their Step and a Wag in their Tail

“After grooming, your dog will be happy and relaxed and have a skip in their step. We see all types of breeds and dogs of all sizes and shapes. We do the full grooming package too, no cutting corners”.


Our Doggies Return

Whether it’s grooming or daycare we find that our customers bring their dogs time and time again. We have built such a strong relationship with the dogs and their people.


To find out whether Pongo will prosper at Doggy daycare or to book Perdita in for a pedicure, Just for Dogs can be found at:


Unit 10 Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Ellerbeck Way, Stokesley TS9 5JZ




Sally Atkinson, Editor at large

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