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I met the lovely Becca Dodds of Genius Gas Innovations on the hottest day of the year. If you ever need an ice breaker, just meet someone on the hottest day of the year (or on record for that matter) because you’ll be both covered in black harvest bugs and you’ll be flapping around like chickens the whole time. Honestly, you couldn’t even write it.

I was a little apprehensive about this one because anything related to science (especially gas) just instantly makes me confused, science has never been my thing. But I think I’ve done a pretty decent job at understanding Genius Gas Innovations. So let’s begin.

Genius Gas Innovations is a specialist gas analysis equipment manufacturer operating in medical, OEM, Air separation, Gas Blending & Specials (e.g submarine Atmos Analysis) markets. Sounds very fancy, doesn’t it!

Genius Gas Innovations is a new company formed by Analox its parent company, Analox focuses on gas detection for life support.

The birth of Genius Gas Innovations

“Our Gas Filter Correlation (GFC) sensor supplier was sadly going out of business. We integrated their sensor into our Submarine Atmosphere Analyser. We needed to secure the supply of these so we could continue to support our military customers. So we decided to buy the intellectual property to their products so we could develop and manufacture them”.

High Quality

“We want to build long term partnerships with customers who trust us to provide them with high quality, reliable and innovative gas sensing solutions”.


Experts in their field

“We are a small team of specialists who are all highly technical and dynamic. Alan, Senior Engineer has more letters after his name than Einstein! We are also recruiting for new positions too, so do get in touch if you’d like to find out more”.


Launched in 2018

“Genius Gas Innovations was created and launched in November 2018. We aim to build a £5M company over the next 5 years and become the world leaders in GFC technology. We work closely with our customers and apply our intellect to solve the weird and wonderful gas sensing challenges”.


Rode a camel with Tom Daley

“Once on a business trip to Dubai for the Arab Lab conference I rode a camel in the Arabian desert and it just so happens that Tom Daley was there, considering I was going to a gas conference I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone famous, especially in the middle of the desert, I was shocked”.


As part of the growth of Genius Gas Innovations, they want people to help them name the Genius in their logo (see the large image above) – the winner gets a free T-Shirt like the ones in the image, it will have the winners birth year on it. To enter post your names on the company LinkedIn page – https://


Feature Friday Fact- Hydrogen is the lightest, most abundant and explosive gas on Earth. Bet you didn’t know that one.


Sally Atkinson, Editor at large


For all things gas analysis, Genius Gas Innovations can be found at:


15 Ellerbeck Court, Stokesley Business Park, Stokesley, TS9 5PT

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