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Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday



Direct Business Supplies, now I hope this is an obvious one. I am sure if you have a business on the Terry Dicken Business Park you’re all guilty of running over because one of your colleagues forgot to mention there’s no more paper left in the printer (always one). If you can’t think of anyone it’s probably you.

Busier than ever Jonathan and wife Sarah are continuing the great legacy of Jonathan’s dad. The company started by distributing price labelling guns to supermarkets and retail outlets throughout the Northeast of England. Now barcodes have evolved the demand went but fear not, Jonathan and Sarah have taken the business from strength to strength. 

Jonathan gave me a tour of the Narnia world of business supplies. No exaggeration. We walked through a door that kept going and going I generally thought we might bump into Mr Tumnus. What struck the most was the quality of the products available. Everything from chairs, to drawers that can pull out as a stool to fancy shredders it all seemed to be well chosen with a clear purpose of use.  I even got to try some of the fancy chairs – Wireless Economics if you’re reading I’d like a new chair please and thank you. (Hint Hint).


Packaging and labels for All

“We have designed and produced labels for companies all over the UK. From liquor bottles, ingredient lists and food labels the list is endless”. 


Independence is winning

“We survive because of our customer service, you don’t get expertise, questions answered and an easy returns policy with high street brands on the internet. With us, you can try before you buy, look at the stock and ask as many questions as you like. Oh, and next day delivery is normally possible too”.


We’re more than pens and paper

“Our stock range has a huge variety. Yes, we have stationery but we also sell office furniture, smart technologies, design and create labels/packages, clothing printing,  cash registers, safes, in fact, we have 20,000 items of stock”. 


All walks of life 

“We get phone calls and visitors from different places, in different sectors with so many ideas. The fact we get to help create a vital part to a businesses success is really rewarding. I love seeing a design on paper come to life on a physical product, ready to sell”. 


Home to Virtually a Warehouse

“We were mainly home office based from 1983 until 2001. Due to expansion, we needed space. After exploring many possible locations we decided that Stokesley was a suitable location due to the good standards offered by the Dicken family including ease of access and free parking. We are now celebrating our 36th anniversary year of the company, not bad given the difficult economic climate as well as doubling our showroom space. 


Rise in Print

“Since GDPR came into force we have seen such a rise in print advertising because of the implications that digital marketing has. It has been brilliant for us”. 


Special events

“As usual we will be at Stokesley Show on the 21st of September with our well-known goody bags so do come along and see us. We are also holding a Macmillan Coffee and Cake day on Wednesday 25th September from 10 am onwards. We turn our shop into a makeshift café with delicious homemade cakes. Last year we raised nearly £600.00 and it was a real hit with our customers who enjoyed it. Bring you and your family along, it’s a great way to have a chat, see our range of products and raise money for a good cause.


For a visit to Narnia, a cake, a spin on a new chair or simply to pick up some new paper then Direct Business Supplies can be found at:


Units 5-7, Ellerbeck Way, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley TS9 7JZ.


Sally Atkinson, Editor at Large 

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