Stokesley Lawnmower Services

Introducing Stokesley Lawnmower Services, owned and ran by husband and wife team Mike and Karen Orlopp. Their large showroom is based in the lovely town of Stokesley, on the Terry Dicken Business Park and is stocked with the latest garden and horticultural equipment. You can expect to see things like mowers, strimmers, and chainsaws. They also specialise in Ride On and Robotic Mowers.

Their factory trained engineers carry out service and repair work and being main dealers for many machinery manufacturers they can also undertake warranty repairs. A collection and delivery service is available, which gives the flexibility to undertake any size of repair. What I like about Stokesley businesses is they’re all well established. I think that’s because people aren’t afraid of graft around here, it’s the way they’ve been brought up. Mike and his wife are no exception, in fact, they’re celebrating 20 years in business this year.


Grass cutting service

‘We have a commercial and domestic, heavy-duty grass cutting service, either regularly or on a one-off basis’.


Business park popularity

‘Due to the popularity of the Terry Dicken Business Park, there is an abundance of customers calling in to use our services’.


Set up and ready to go

‘We pride ourselves on good service, it’s our service that sells our goods. The majority of our customers come back. Offering free delivery on new purchases, which are always set up and ready to use is a real benefit’.


Beating the internet

“I am very proud that this is our 20th year in business and would like to thank all of our customers, some of which have been loyal to us since the beginning! Hopefully, in the years to come, we will continue to grow so that we can continue to offer machinery and products for everybody at an incredibly competitive price to combat the ‘stack them high, sell them cheap’ attitude of the internet and the larger mass DIY outlets.”


Special offers

‘As this is the 20th year we are pleased to offer special prices on some of our products throughout all of August. Come down to our showroom to find out what’s on offer’.


This week’s rhetorical question, what would your answer be?


I asked Mike, what colour is money? He replied:


‘Money is black and oily. It’s the only way I’ve ever earned it by getting my hands dirty’.

It’s summer and it is time to stop putting it off and get your lawn cut. Yes you know I am talking to you. Petrol lawnmowers start at £129.99 and electric mowers from £89.99 Or if you just need a part then walk right in. Stokesley Lawnmowers Services can be found at:

Unit 2, Appliance Works, Station Rd, Stokesley, Middlesbrough TS9 7AB

Sally Atkinson, Editor at large


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