Your Emotional Support

You may remember Colin & Carin from NAS (Natural Animal Sense) from when I introduced them a couple of months ago. You can read all about their animal business here but today is all about people. YES (Your Emotional Support) is a sister business formed from NAS because the behaviour in animals also reflects humans too. 

Your Emotional Support (YES) is working with people to change their behaviours and therefore help people live a more positive lifestyle. Offering personal support such as 1-1s and workshops on topics such as stopping smoking, confidence building, phobias and bullying. 

YES is also working with local businesses to help improve staff performance and give guidance on how different social factors such as social media affects our behaviours. YES is heavily trying to promote health and wellbeing within the workplace. Stats are showing that the next generation of professionals will care more about how an employer will take care of them more than previous years, a recent study from the Manpower Group suggests that “Half of Millennials would consider leaving their current job due to a lack of appreciation”. 

Carin and Colin give people the opportunity to actively change their ways and they have a wide range of experience working with a variety of people from all walks of life. From how well they welcomed me into their business I can assure you I wouldn’t have any doubt with working with YES. 

Making a difference 

“Seeing people become more confident within themselves is what makes it worthwhile for us. We’re changing the lives of people who feel lost in a world with such big pressures”. 

Like the rotary club 

“The Business park reminds us of the rotary club there’s such a community feel here we love it. When we first arrived we were impressed with the wide range of businesses from small to international”. 

Way beyond what we thought 

“We never thought that we would create YES from Natural Animal Sense. This is way beyond what we ever thought it could be”. 

Bespoke classroom space 

“As we hold workshops in both businesses having a large space became a necessity for us. This is why we moved to Navigation House with the help of Mark and Sue making us the space we needed. Having such facilities really makes the workshops better for everyone”. 

If you would like to gain control of how you feel to help yourself and help make that change in your life that enables you to feel different, feel confident and capable then Your Emotional Support can be found at: 

Navigation House, 16 Ellerbeck Way, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley TS9 5JZ 

Sally Atkinson, Editor at large 

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