Avenida Business Solutions

This week I met Sarah Pearson of Avenida Business Solutions. Before we start this, I thought I better mention that I was slightly apprehensive for this one because I didn’t know how to pronounce AVENIDA does anyone else get that? Do you try and avoid the word at all costs and come up with other names instead? GUILTY. 

Anyways I know that it is now Av-en-Ida just for those in the same boat and if not then I have just totally embarrassed myself. 


I met Sarah in her office in unit 2 office no13,  that sounded a little too formal for me. 

It was a Monday morning which meant we chatted about the weekend and Sarah’s day trip in Whitby. I’ll let you guys work out what was involved as I’d hate to promote a business having a social life (you have to be so careful what you say these days).  I found out lots of new places to eat, drink and stay in Whitby so it was worth the trip just for that. Anyways, enough about Dracula and co. 

Sarah is a Virtual Assistant meaning she works with businesses on an ad hoc basis. Sarah helps businesses in situations where staff members could be off sick, require holiday cover, or if a business is just simply really busy and needs help. The work Sarah can help with covers things such as payroll, accounts, bookkeeping, admin, customer service and writing documentation letters. Basically everything your business needs to keep going!

As and when’s needed

“As a virtual assistant, I am a lot more cost-effective for businesses. You only pay for as and when you need me and not forgetting you don’t have to pay for my holiday and sick pay like a full-time employee! I am also fully flexible in that I can set up camp in your workplace if you need me”.

No day is the same 

“No day is the same for me there’s always something going on but that’s what I like about how diverse my job role is, I also love a challenge”.

Account Software Training

“I offer training for businesses and their employees on system packages such as Excel, Sage, Xero and various other systems that help benefit businesses efficiency”. 

A full circle

“ I used to work in the same building (unit 2) over a decade ago and I now have my own office here it is madness. Going self- employed has allowed me to have my life and routine back I can also be flexible around the school run which is a real bonus”. 

Security and confidentiality 

“Having my own office is important because I know that paperwork is locked away and in a safe and secure environment, which I take very seriously”. 


Being on the business park allows me to be completely flexible. I can come in and out when needed and I love the fact I can shut the door and walk away from work instead of having my spare room at home as an office”. 

For all your businesses ABC’s (Accounts, Bookkeeping and Customer Service) or for a tourist guide of where’s the best spot for a drink and nibble in Whitby then Sarah can be found at: 

Office 13, 2 Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley, TS9 5QT


Sally Atkinson, Editor at large


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