Nobia’s Catering

For this week’s Feature Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting Nobia of Nobia’s Catering here on the Terry Dicken Business Park. Producing the most gorgeous Afro cuisine which is a blend of traditional African cuisine with elements from other cultures.

Full of flavour and fusion feels, Nobia shares her cooking with the hundreds of foodies at local festivals such as Saltburn, Thrift, and Orange Pip. Customers further afield in Newcastle, Manchester and Oxford are also raving about the rich spices, healthy and fresh ingredients. It was Nobia’s passion for her food that really sold Nobia’s catering to me, her whole outlook was positive and enthusiastic.

Nobia has experience in all fields of catering. From corporate events, hosting lunches for local businesses to 3-course meals for loved up couples at weddings. With lots of exciting projects in the pipeline, Nobia is looking forward to continuing to expand her business and reputation.

The best of Africa with a little touch of England

“I produce all sorts of Afro foods. It’s probably no surprise that my bestsellers are; Jerk stews, curried goat and African beef stew. However, people are also loving my scones and rum cakes at the moment”. I am always open to trying new recipes and of course, all of my food is fresh”.

Selling out is the norm – so be quick!

“I often sell out of my dishes at festivals, especially the curried goat, that is a real bestseller. I love that people enjoy my dishes and always look forward to my next appearance. It’s always a nice sociable day too you’re always talking to new people”.


Vegan is trending

“I have seen such a rise in vegan eating and I love cooking for vegans as it allows me to explore new flavours and recipes. It’s trendy but tasty, it is often a sell-out too”.


G & tea house

“ I have hosted several Afro-Fusion nights for around 41 diners with the G & Tea house at Angrove County Park and I loved every minute. The three-course meal included dishes such as fried plantain, kosey, curried goat, jerk stew cabbage in coconut and peppers. It was a real success”.


I love every day

“Every day I love what I do, every day is the best day. I couldn’t possibly choose the best day”.


It was the feel of the place

“I really like having my base here on the Terry Dicken Business Park. I needed more space and it serves my needs well. Having flexibility for when I need to come in and whip up my dishes is really great for a business like mine”.

Mouthwatering yet? well, if you would like to get some goat in your pockets or rum in your cakes then come and find Nobia and her delicious Afro-Cuisine at:

Unit 18, Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Station Road, Stokesley, TS9 7AE

Sally Atkinson, Editor at large 

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