DNA Bathrooms

DNA Bathrooms are the new kids on the block that design, supply and install bathrooms. Built on an excellent reputation and years of bathroom fitting experience Andrew Sibly decided to to take the leap and start DNA Bathrooms in January 2019. From a former head chef and a water sports coach in Greece, Andrew has now taken on his latest adventure supported by a great team.


Have you ever experienced Virtual Reality? I didn’t really think much of it till I experienced it the first time in someone’s BATHROOM yep you heard that right someone’s BATHROOM where they do their business and stuff. So, Andrew insisted that I had a go so I’ll share my experience… Right so I am in a showroom, on the Terry Dicken Business Park and have the robot-like gear on my head and I felt like a right idiot (I felt like someone should have been filming me). It was a really unexpected Tuesday afternoon.

BUT the experience was mind-blowing. I was in someone’s bathroom and as I moved my head around naturally I could see exactly how this bathroom was going to look from the size of the toilet, the mirrors and how they opened, to the height of the shower! I even turned to the window and could see the garden. I am so glad there wasn’t someone naked in the shower could you imagine – that really would be virtual reality.

On a serious note, this virtual reality is world-class and a great experience for imagining physically how your bathroom will look in your own home and I would highly recommend.


I also have to mention, that the DNA showroom is a dream. It was really impressive with such a high level of detail throughout from even having luxurious toiletries to Egyptian towels it really is worth a visit.


“The name DNA has two meanings. Derek, Nick and Andrew. My dad, brother and I and It also works in the sense you can put your own DNA into your own bathroom”.


“I am really pleased with our showroom and we hope that it makes our customers really visualise the way their bathroom could look – it’s the touch and feel that sells the dream”.


“We create your bathroom with you from start to finish. There’s no gaps and nothing we can’t help you with to help make your dream bathroom a reality.


“We only use high-quality products and have formed a trusted relationship with our suppliers over many years”.


“I am a really practical person, I like using my hands and being able to see the start to finish of a project, It’s really rewarding. From an old avocado suite to a new modern suite.


“I love that with my job I get to meet lots of different people. It’s nice being out and about in the local area it makes you appreciate things more. I also think being on the Terry Dicken Business Park is a great community to be involved with.

Go to DNA and choose your dream bathroom by visiting it, they can be found at:

Unit 4/5 Appliance Works, Station Rd, Terry Dicken Business Park Stokesley TS9 7AB


Sally Atkinson, Editor at Large






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