Pearsons TV

I’ve known the Pearsons and their famous red van from about the age of 8. I mean it’s a big red van – you can’t miss them. Summer holidays spent at my grandparents meant we often got a visit from the famous Pearsons with a huge TV. Which was like watching movies at the cinema. The TV’s definitely don’t look as big when you’re 20 though. Mark used to come with his team and we’d often have our ten o’clocks together, anyone still have ten o’clocks? It used to be good old Kit- Kats for me. 

Mark Pearson, from Pearsons TV, continued the business in 2005 from his father who started the business in 1979. With over a decade in the business Mark has seen his fair share of the realities of business life and I had the pleasure of visiting Mark in his new showroom on the Terry Dicken Business Park to find out more.

A move from the high street to the business park meant Pearsons could offer the exact same service but could reduce their prices to customers due to the whole Terry Dicken Business Park offering. Their new base has provided them with a much larger showroom to showcase many of their products such as kitchen appliances, TV’s and audio appliances.

Quick, cost-effective solution

“Business rates were increasing rapidly on the high street so I needed to find somewhere that would be more cost-effective. We moved out of the high street in December 2017 and moved on to the business park in the same month”.

Touch and feel

“ Our customers like to touch and feel products before they buy which is why having such a large showroom was important to us. We pride ourselves on the service we provide to our customers, we can sometimes deliver the same day. Our installation costs are cheaper than high street stores too”.

The move

“More room, a better layout, parking, and easier access makes this a great place for us and our customers. Not to mention the traffic warden doesn’t pester anyone”.

We’re bringing built-in kitchen appliances to Stokesley

“We have exciting plans and are currently working with local joiners to create complete kitchen packages and stocking more integrated kitchen appliances, it’s the future of kitchens”.


Anyone that mentions “Feature Friday” when spending over £100 will receive 5% discount off their order so come on ladies and gents (ladies because you make the decisions), pop down to the showroom and have a look at what’s on offer.

Sally Atkinson, Editor at large

You can find Pearsons TV at: 

Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Station Rd, Stokesley, Middlesbrough TS9 7AE







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