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Natural Animal Sense

Natural Animal Sense also known as NAS, was a great afternoon. Carin and Colin are the most loveliest (is that even a word?), kind-hearted people I have ever met. Their passion for what they do really inspired me, I didn’t want to leave!

In technical terms, they are both trained animal behaviourists, canine coaches and zoopharmacognosy practitioners. NAS has clients ranging from pet owners to livery yard users/owners, farmers and working professionals within the animal industry. Helping them manage behaviour and health issues.

So, my first thoughts of NAS were something along the lines of horses that sniff stuff and it magically makes them better. So I was thinking that I might be walking into a room full of animal cocaine, to be honest. I can assure you, I didn’t. Just essential oils.

Jokes aside, NAS has literally saved animals lives and if that isn’t rewarding then I don’t know what it is. NAS is some genies lamp type of miracle healing, it’s insane. I was blown away by the stories these guys had of literally saving animals.

Lives that would have been over if their owners hadn’t worked with Carin and Colin.

We help all species

“We have helped hundreds of animals with behaviour problems but we have also helped many more with issues like pain, muscle, tendon and ligament damage, old age, arthritis, injuries, skin allergies and many more ailments – the list is endless”.


Job Satisfaction

“ I was sick of being just another name and number at a company so I wanted to change,” said Colin. “We have so much job satisfaction. Even if we won the lottery we would still continue but offer our services for free we love it too much, it is the most rewarding job in the world and we wake up excited every day”.

Thanks to Sue’s passion

“If it wasn’t for Sue’s passion we would have never have moved to the Terry Dicken Business Park she is a wonderful woman”.

We made it

“A significant day for us was having been given the keys to our very first office in Unit 2 Roseberry Court, and just thinking wow we made it. I will never forget that day and I’ll never get the same feeling again”.

Mark Dicken, we need a sink

“ The flexibility that Mark gives us is something we’re really grateful for. There’s nothing he won’t do for us. We’ve asked if he would let us put a sink in, add doors and even borrowed equipment from him last minute. He’s very reliable”.

Carin and Colin would be delighted to speak with anyone who may be experiencing behaviour or health problems with their animals.


Sally Atkinson, Editor at large

Natural Animal Sense can be found at:

Navigation House, 16 Ellerbeck Way, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley TS9 5JZ



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