Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

North Yorkshire Physiotherapy

This week I visited the lovely Kate Turner (Co-Director) and Clare Pearce (Practice Manager) from North Yorkshire Physiotherapy (NYP). North Yorkshire Physiotherapy provide physio for people with a variety of injury and mobility problems. Their aim is to help people achieve their full potential by helping them to achieve their goals.

They treat everything from sprained ankles, shin splints, sciatica, lower back and knee pains, to rheumatoid arthritis, MS and post-operative rehabilitation but the list is endless. 

It was obvious from the outset that NYP provides a friendly environment. They care a lot about ensuring people are comfortable in their surroundings I was certainly made to feel welcome.

It was the first time I had visited NYP and we chatted for half an hour about their business in general and what life is like on the Terry Dicken Business Park. A cup of tea later, here’s what I found out. 

Tailored to our needs

“We knew the park was right for us because of the flexibility available to us, Mark allowed us to create a space that was tailored to our needs. Our unit is also very much accessible to those with mobility issues and free parking is a real bonus”.


“ Our greatest achievement is building such an excellent reputation in such a short space of time. From being a physio at home to having our own well-established business is something we’re proud of”. 

Growing more than ever 

“ After 3 months of business planning and meetings we moved onto the park. Now 6 years later we’re growing more than ever and now have a team of 6 physiotherapists. We are also expanding.”

Satellite Clinic 

“From Monday 1st April, we are delighted that we will be working from A Vivta on Yarm High Street. We are really excited about branching out into other areas of Teesside. Our client numbers are increasing every month, the majority of whom come to us by word of mouth”.

Roseberry Court brings fame

“I think something interesting about NYP is that we do have clients that are well known in the public eye but obviously I can’t tell you who, or I would have to kill you”!!

So, any potential North Yorkshire Physiotherapy prospective clients can be assured of confidentiality as I am still here!

North Yorkshire Physiotherapy can be found at: 

Office 4, Unit 14 Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley TS9 5QT


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