Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Catch Design Management

Sue Thompson, the woman who does everything, literally. Sue is the Mary Poppins of her own business, who can pull anything out the bag for you and always delivers.

Sue runs Catch Design Management, a small marketing agency that specialises in social media, graphic design and web design just to name a few. Sue is someone every town needs, her commitment to Stokesley is something to shout about. Sue runs a local networking group in Stokesley, Thirsty Thursday and is involved in several projects to support local business growth.

A move from Bristol to the North allowed Sue to grow Catch Designs. Sue worked from home in Stokesley for 6 years before she took an office on the Terry Dicken Business Park. This was prompted by her children starting High School which meant her children didn’t need Sue’s ‘school run services’ anymore. This allowed Sue to be more flexible with her working hours.

My commute to the meeting was terrible (I had to walk a mere 5 steps). Despite being next-door neighbours it was the first time I got to experience the comfort of Sue’s trendy sofa. Here’s what I got to know.

A quick solution to a problem

“ Showcasing my clients in the best possible way is a high priority for me, my aim is to really bring out the best in them. I like to think Catch Designs as a quick solution to a problem. I often get calls for last-minute prints for the next day, I think people think I am someone they can rely on”.

Helping not Hindering

“ Our services bolt on to you, we’re a go-to agency that is always here to help. We offer a variety of services and are always open to seeing what we can do for you”.

Staying in business

“The highlight for me is being self-employed for 14 years and counting. Being on the Terry Dicken Business Park has allowed Catch Designs to grow and develop. I knew it was the right

decision to move here before I got the keys, there is such a positive business buzz here and everyone is so nice and supportive”.

A little bit of everything

“Marketing is something that has come naturally to me and I really enjoyed and did well at postgraduate qualifications I have taken. I also like the idea of marketing as you can get involved in a little bit of everything.”

Mark is my business directory

“ If I need something I ring Mark Dicken, he is a local encyclopaedia, he knows everyone and can always point you in the right direction”.

Digital Advantage

Sue is running a range of Social Media workshops for SME’s based in North Yorkshire for FREE in partnership with Digital Advantage supported by Coventry University in Scarborough. This is definitely something to get involved with. To see if your business is eligible or for the next Thirsty Thursday networking dates please contact Sue for more information.

Sally Atkinson, Editor at large

Catch Designs can be found at:

Office 19, Unit 2, Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park Stokesley, TS9 5QT


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