Hi Everyone, 

Sally here on behalf of Terry Dicken Business Park. Seeing as though I’ll be interviewing over a hundred tenants this year, I thought I should do a little intro about me (selfish I know).


My day job lies at Unit 2 on Roseberry Court working for Wireless Economics (you can call us we). 

We do a little bit of everything including marketing, project management and business development. Our aim is to help businesses grow and develop, that sort of thing. My speciality is digital marketing and I help clients with technical support.

As a local girl, I’d known Mark and Sue for years before I formed a business relationship with them when I joined Wireless Economics in 2017. Wireless Economics helps with the marketing and promotion of the business park and this year Mark and Sue really wanted to create more exposure for both the park and their tenants. On the park alone, there are over 100 businesses. I personally think that’s something to shout about especially for a market town like Stokesley. 

This is where the idea of Feature Friday came to light, predominately, it’s a different tenant on the Terry Dicken Business Park in the spotlight each fortnight with their very own press release written by myself. So, to give you a little taster here’s me in the spotlight.

My day in the life 

  • I rock up to work in “FIFI” my Fiat 500 (my very first car).
  • I normally catch up with work colleagues about things that they got up to last night and generally just make myself set for the day. I like to make my desk sort of tidy, it makes me more productive! I also choose a playlist as it helps me concentrate and I am a sucker for entering Capital Radios ‘Capital give me the Cash’ on a Friday. Still not on a beach in the Caribbean living my best life though so no winnings yet.
  • Once the playlist is organised, I then start by looking at my to-do list for the week and set tasks for the day and yes, I do have a paper diary, I just find crossing off things with a pen so satisfying. Some of my tasks are things such as creating social media content, writing email campaigns, Skype meetings or even boarding a plane to a meeting – the list goes on!
  • I am a 12 o’clock on the dot luncher and by half 11 I am HANGRY because I don’t eat breakfast so I am starving. If you’re interested, I normally have wraps or salads for lunch or If I fancy a treat I love TK’s Jacket Potatoes.
  • In the afternoon I often carry on with my to-do list or visit clients on site.
  • I finish at 4 pm so It’s straight to the gym for me!

I am really looking forward to meeting you all!




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